exciting news!

I'm very pleased to announce that you can now find my work in the Lumina Fibre Arts Gallery, at 89 Waverley Rd, East Malvern.

I am selling my little coinpurses there, with many new designs. I don't have a photo of everything there, but this is an example -

Lumina has some really beautiful work by mostly local designers, so if you're in the area definitely try to have a look. I bought this wee little creature there, it now sits on my studio table (in this photo it's sitting on top of my unfinished tax, maybe it will do it for me?).

Now I'm off to enjoy the sun a bit more - for the 3rd day in a row! Summer's on the way!

warm thursdays

I've decided it's quite fun being a designer (that's what I've started calling myself). Example 1 - I made a lovely coinpurse, and it wasn't quite perfect, so I got to keep it! Example 2 - I was going to an art gallery opening last Friday, and I didn't have the perfect bag, so I made it for myself! I ran out of time to add a button, forgot to take an umbrella and got SO wet, but here are photos of the clutch and the coinpurse.

Also, my new little strawberry patch looked so cute in the sun today (finally, and did you hear it's meant to be 21 degrees in Melb on Monday?) that I just had to take a photo.

Happy Thursday!

goth? moi?

A friend asked me to make a little something for her sister, who dresses goth. I am so not goth, apart from one time when I went to a goth club which was fun, so despite several attempts it just wasn't happening. I decided I needed some new black material and I went to my local fabric store. It took me ages to find the perfect black material... finally I decided I couldn't do it and went for black + glitter to make this little clutch. The result...

I like it! I might even make myself one.

things that make me laugh

I met SummerPickles at the Melbourne etsy meetup, and we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over her little wee plushie toys, and she's added one to etsy!

His name's Frank, see him here.

enough with the coinpurses!

I'm really into these coinpurses at the moment. They're like little mini canvasses, waiting to be adorned.

My mum gave me a big bag of scraps of Liberty fabric from her patchwork making which is lovely - the top row, middle coinpurse has some Liberty on it. I've never really understood the whole Liberty thing, seeing as it's so expensive (retailing at a minimum of AUD$60 per metre in stores near me!), however the fabrics are VERY fine, and some of the designs are very cute.

retro clutches!

Have been making more clutches, this time a different style. I love, love, love this orange fabric, so I've made myself one of these clutches too. I don't usually keep the things I make, but this one I had to. I've added one to my etsy store also.

I've also been experimenting... went to the Lumina Gallery yesterday, and saw some gorgeous things there, so decided to try out the different stitches on my sewing machine in some applique. This is just a little snippet of a another new clutch that I'm looking forward to.

more coinpurses

This is the first week of my part-time-ness, and I'm loving it. It's giving me SO much more time to work. This is a little snap of the coinpurses I've been making (not revealing any designs, only zip colors)...

These little purses will be making their way onto Etsy and Mintd in the next little while, and also into selected stores.

For now I have added this denim coinpurse to Etsy. I'm enjoying using beautiful little bits of fabric, the ones I just bought will be made into purses and clutches soon.

Finally also a photo of the clutch I made myself...

Really loving it. I'm so glad to be able to not have to save up all my photo taking until the weekend, however I did still have to wait for the opportune cloud-free moment today in not-so-sunny Melbourne, where it's 12 degrees C today. I've taken to sitting on the floor in front of the heater and sewing, it does make it a bit harder but at least my fingers aren't numb!