things that make me laugh

I met SummerPickles at the Melbourne etsy meetup, and we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over her little wee plushie toys, and she's added one to etsy!

His name's Frank, see him here.

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summer pickles said...

Oh! What a lovely surprise!!!

I was just casually cruising the Melb ETSY blogs (which it has taken me ages to do!) and found Frank staring right back at me!

This is so surprisingly lovely (and a bit odd to find him peeking out of computer screens when I don't expect him to... he is a cheeky one though so this sort of behaviour should be expected!).

Thanks so much for including him here... I really appreciate your interest and support, and am incredibly glad he made you giggle (this is after all what he is for!).

Hannah xx
aka summerpickles