Hello! Not too much to report lately, been sewing many coinpurses - cute & fun. Working on some bag designs, they're starting to not look like pillowcases.

I'm excited about this -

Madeit, for those not in the know, is a great directory of Aussie artists & designers. It's starting a new online store on Sunday! Everyone that's listed there so far is quite classy as far as I can tell, so it should be good.

Also looking forward to the smoking ban in pubs & bars as of Sunday. No more stinky hair.

Finally, some sunshine.

My poor little camera doesn't deal very well with anything but full sun. Which is fine, but also rather unfortunate in Melbourne winter weather when it's not very sunny. I had to squat outside where it was really rather cold yesterday, waiting for the 30 second bursts of sun between the 5 minutes of cloud.

Anyway, finally I have lovely new things in my store. For today is:

Pink jellyfish purse, available on both etsy and mintd! That's right, I made 2 (way to go production line). Also available in Corky Saint Clair.

candles & carrots

There was a big blackout last night. I was sitting at home all happily eating dinner and then boom! (without the noise) there was no light. It was fun at first, having a lovely candlelit dinner. But gradually it got a bit tiresome, what with having no heater (the fan is electric), or lights, or anything. I started doing some hand sewing but I couldn't see properly and I kep doing funny stitches.

Anyway it's back on now so it's all good. It would be weird to not have electricity though.

New! On etsy! A carrot badge, how quaint. You can also get these in Corky St Clair under Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Nice.

smug little kittens

I've been doing a little sewing over this nice (long) weekend. I really honestly haven't used my sewing machine for some time now, so it was nice to get it out. Amongst other little things I've made some smug little kittens.

This little yellow coinpurse is available on etsy, here.

This purple one is available on Mintd, in the next few minutes.

It's been quite nice sewing lately, sitting in front of my heater making nice things. More to show you soon.


I have a new store on Mintd. Yum! I'm still working my way around it, but for now you can view it here. Mintd is nice, it's Aussie and so you can view all the prices in AUD, so I think I will be publicising it a lot more amongst my Aussie friends. View it here:

So far it's just got one little badge in it, but more soon. Enjoy!

multiplying badges

So pleased with this latest stash of badges, but not so pleased with my shoddy photography skills.

They will be available in my etsy store, and soon on (when my store occurs). Also they will be available in corky st clair, when I take some along. Excellent. It's been quite nice making them lately, possible because I'm a lot faster at it.

Also. I went to the St Kilda Farmers Market on Saturday (1st Sat of every month, at the Peanut Farm oval). Got some lovely yummy mushrooms, some regular possibly portabella or swiss browns, and then the pink ones which are called Pinecap Mushrooms, or alternatively Saffron Buttercaps or something like that. I made a yummy pasta, feeling very gourmet like Jamie Oliver. Lots of yummy things there, I also got some quince jelly which is very posh, and the smallest kiwi fruits in the world.