multiplying badges

So pleased with this latest stash of badges, but not so pleased with my shoddy photography skills.

They will be available in my etsy store, and soon on (when my store occurs). Also they will be available in corky st clair, when I take some along. Excellent. It's been quite nice making them lately, possible because I'm a lot faster at it.

Also. I went to the St Kilda Farmers Market on Saturday (1st Sat of every month, at the Peanut Farm oval). Got some lovely yummy mushrooms, some regular possibly portabella or swiss browns, and then the pink ones which are called Pinecap Mushrooms, or alternatively Saffron Buttercaps or something like that. I made a yummy pasta, feeling very gourmet like Jamie Oliver. Lots of yummy things there, I also got some quince jelly which is very posh, and the smallest kiwi fruits in the world.

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