little gifties

An excellent stash was achieved at Christmas - these beauties from my cousin who lives in Japan... thankyou thankyou!!
Shinzi Katoh bag - 'Have a Pleasant Time!' Cracks me up.

Monkey toe socks - I also got some mitten socks where only the big toe is separate.

Shinzi Katoh linen trimmings - adorable.

How cute is this pencil case? Very.

Little Shinzi Katoh waterbottle - 'Attention, please! Whose shoe is this? What happened?' Love it!!

It all makes me want to go to Japan sooo much. I do have a trip planned for sometime in 2008, but to where?? Perhaps planned is the wrong word.


Anonymous said...

Those monkey/banana socks are great. Everyone should be required to own a pair.

Lara said...

that is some fantastic shinzi loot! well done!!