bags of joy

hello again,

i bought so much fabric yesterday to make into bags. i was at the material store looking around, and i thought to myself 'i'll just look in the $2 bin and see what there is'. and there was such good stuff! normally it's all polyester offcuts and sequins and stuff, but there was denim and plaid and stripes in nice thick cotton for bags.

so soon there will be bags in my store for all, and they will be lovely. with bears and balloons and giraffes and rabbits and dachshunds on them. (hopefully).

here is one i made (and put in my store) earlier. little birds! in a forest. i've made others but this one grows on me the more i have it. it's lovely and denim and felt birds and iron on fabric which i love love love and even made me buy an iron.

anyway, hope you are all having a lovely sunny day. it's very sunny here, almost good enough for basil planting take 2. every year i buy basil on the first warm day, and it gets eaten by snails the next day which is invariably cold, and because of which if the snails didn't eat it the frost would've got it. then take 2 happens about a fortnight later, usually maybe 1 plant survives? keep you posted :)

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annalaura said...

I got a new iron recently and it is love. I never thought and iron would make me feel this way. The tefal aquaspeed stole my heart and it has been steamy nights ever since!