LinkHot Air Balloon Stork Special Shape by Stuart Spicer

So. Sometimes you just can't beat a good old Google image search when you need some inspiration. This hot air balloon was not quite what I was after, but how amazing is it?

Inspiration, motivation (and of course procrastination) have been the themes of the month around here, and in the end it comes down to listening to my proverbial gut (not my literal gut, especially when it's hungry, it doesn't have much of note to say). That's one thing I have to learn to rely upon, and time and again I forget! So, if you see me out and about, remind me.



Etsy MBA
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I've been selling on for around 5 years now, so this graphic was pretty fascinating for me. 690,000 new members monthly is a LOT! Check out my Etsy store here, if you will.