I've been back from my vacation in Thailand for just over a week, but it feels like longer - I miss Thailand! Chris and I visited Bangkok for just a few days... We stayed close-ish to Thanon Khao San so we were right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle...

I loved the beautiful ornamentation of many of the buildings in Thailand, especially the religious buildings and Wats. The Grand Palace (above) was amazing... there are 30+ buildings in the Grand Palace all decorated differently, but with the same wonderful detailing. I love the pattern! I realised after I got back home that many of the photos I took were of pattern :)

Beautiful gardens in Bangkok too - even the tiny little gardens are a great respite (it's very polluted there!)

This is Phra Sumen Fort - I liked this area, it's walking distance to Khao San and lots of tourist things, but it's a little pocket of nice shops, parks, even free aerobics on a Friday night! This fort looked beautiful at sunrise and sunset... so lovely.

The rest of the time we spent on Koh Samui which was beautiful - lovely beaches and great food! I don't want to make you too jealous, but every morning on the beach we were staying at (Bophut) a little group of food sellers (mostly from one family) would travel up and down the beach. The boats had fresh fruits, and in the baskets were salad and grilled things. I can't imagine carrying the baskets up and down the beach all day long, they are very heavy, but I was grateful every time they did.

And this is Wat Plai Laem - there are some amazing Wats on Koh Samui, this particular one had GIANT statues/shrines in it. I loved this little view though - this building was built on a raised foundation in the water, but the water lotus decoration is amazing! The other end of the little lake area had swan boats - I didn't ask if we could use them!

Of course I took so many photos and could write so many stories (and will make you all jealous with pictures of delicious food soon!)

But I am also glad to be home.

xx Penny

Oh My Green

Lucky me, I'm on vacation right now! In sunny Thailand, where it's warm weather, wonderful food, great beaches and lovely things all around.
Pocket Carnival is closed until I get back to Melbourne (in one week-ish) but until then please pop over to Oh My Green, where I've been blogging all my favourite eco-friendly design tips, interviews with amazing businesses and creative people, and sustainable and fair trade products.
And just to make you jealous, a picture of me going to get my breakfast from a fruit seller on the beach.