beach mini-break

Chris and I managed to get away to lovely Mornington Peninsula for a little mini-break this week. Hooray! I'm not a good relaxer, especially just before Christmas - there was a bit of work done (a new fabric design, yay!) and many calls to my brother to check things on the Internet. I did read the new Peppermint, hooray! Love it!

We did have a great time, much food was eaten, and we braved the rather cold water - this is the surf beach, we didn't swim there!

Now, back to work I go!

the Mathilda's that was

Phew! Mathilda's Market is over for the year! Never having had a stall there before I couldn't fully appreciate the madness until I was there - it was busy! Lots of shoppers stocking up for Christmas - to everybody that purchased something or came by for a chat, thank you so much!

If you didn't get a chance to come along, you can still take a peek at all the stallholders on the Mathilda's website.

The market was in the gorgeous Hawthorn Town Hall (unfortunately my camera didn't deal very well with the lighting, sorry!)

I had a great time chatting to Leslie from OneGirl, Cintia from MyPoppet, Allison from Lark and Cindy from BugandPop.

I was especially impressed with the BugandPop baby clothes - I'm waiting until a certain baby is born in a few weeks to buy a little something!

Mathilda's Market on tomorrow!

Hooray! If you're in Melbourne, come visit Pocket Carnival at the amazing Mathilda's Market!

Mathilda's Market

November 22nd
9am - 1pm

Hawthorn Town Hall
360 Burwood Road
Hawthorn, Victoria

my creative space

Alternate title: the gift tags are driving me mad. Normally I feel like my job is very creative, which makes me happy. However today very much consisted of me feeling hot (it was 34 degrees or something), being grumpy at the people installing gutters on my roof (we rent, so I can't even feel sanctimonious that it's value adding to my house), and punching gift tags.

So, I didn't feel very creative. I did create a lovely cauliflower salad for dinner, which was most excellent. And I sewed many pencilcases (you can see the linings).

I'm very much looking forward to potentially selling all the gift tags at Mathilda's Market on Sunday, and then not making any more.

Go see more-creative-than-my spaces here, at Kootoyoo.

it's beginning to feel a lot like...

Thread Den market yesterday was a lot of fun, it was very busy and I met lots of lovely people including Cloud, all the way from Brisbane! I got to hang out with my lovely crafty bloggy buddies Shannon, Susan and Sandra, and of course I sold lots of goodies, and launched some new little items. (I forgot to use my camera, so no pics. Oops.)

I feel like the holiday season has crept up on me so fast this year! I've had so many ideas and not quite enough time, but some of my new items for the last month or so are:
Stripey & polka dot cards,
Gift tags,
Polka dotty illustrated purses,
Pocket Carnival fabric purses.

I think they all look so bright & festive & cheerful!

You can find them here:
On Etsy in $US, or
On Madeit in $AU

(If there's anything you see pictured that isn't in my store, and you want to buy it, please email me - - or leave a comment!)

You'll also be able to see all these things & come meet me at Mathilda's Market this Sunday! Details here.

market fever!

Phew! Let's get ready for market season!!

I'm so excited about all my new products, and very happy to be getting ready for Thread Den Market Day tomorrow!

I've got gift tags, which you can also find
on Madeit (in $AU)
on Etsy (in $US)

I've just finished sewing up the first batch of coinpurses & pencilcases with my pretty new fabric, hooray! I'll be listing some of these for sale online next week.

And new card packs! Hooray!

If you're around Melbourne tomorrow, come say hi!

Thread Den Market Day
Sunday 15th November
10am - 2pm
The Melbourne Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St, North Melbourne


Hello! I'm getting rather excited for Thread Den market this Sunday - I'm busy getting everything ready, which includes these cute new gift tags! If you're in the area, come say hi!

Thread Den Market Day
Sunday 15th November
10am - 2pm
The Melbourne Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St, North Melbourne

Sorry I've been a wee bit absent from internet-land lately, it's been so hot and we have some rather unfortunate renovations being carried out... hopefully they're finished soon!

Edited to add:
You can now buy these tags online!
On Etsy in $US
On Madeit in $AU
Or, just email me and I'll set you up!

hooray! it's spoonflower fabric!

Today I received in the mail my much anticipated Spoonflower delivery, hooray! I was super happy with the two fabrics above - my little forest animals in orange & blue, and blue & green.

Here's my little review & some tips for all you future Spoonflower users!

The good

The organic cotton (green) is gorgeous, it's quite thick for a quilting cotton, and has a lovely smooth sateen finish. My only criticism of the organic cotton is that the polka dots aren't very crisp, they just seem to fade out around the edges, whereas the same colourway printed on regular cotton was crisp.

The regular cotton (orange) is nice, and the colours are more vibrant, however the fabric isn't as appealing to me. I also am finding that the lines of the animals bleed slightly on the regular cotton.

The bad

I was very excited at the prospect of ordering some lovely big red polka dot fabric, as this is often hard to find! However as you can see from the above picture... it's orange. That picture is rather dark as well, in real life these are a bright orange.

I also found that the black of these animals printed rather heavily, probably because this is the regular cotton so it has the bleeding issue.

I had read on several blogs that reds often turned orangey in the Spoonflower printing process - I didn't expect such a dramatic colour shift.

What the?

You can see above the two colours I used - the orange on the left is what I had in my orange/blue fabric, and the red is what I had in my red polka dots. They both printed out as a bright orange.

I've done a little hunting and found these tests by Mamma Made Designs... awesome.
Test 1
Test 2

Edited to add - Spoonflower have a helpful colour chart on Flickr! Yay!

Rabbit & the Duck

Hooray! Pretty new things for today from Rabbit & the Duck! I always love Shannon's pairings of sweet contemporary prints with linens and natural looking colours, and these new little things are no exception! Shannon's just added a collection of gorgeous Summery accessories to her shop - take a peek fast before everyone else gets in!

Rabbit & the Duck Shop
Rabbit & the Duck Blog

All photos copyright Rabbit & the Duck.

(P.S. - sorry I've been a bad little non-blogger lately - pretty things soon!)

let's chillax

Frankie, World Sweet World, Oddfellows by theblackapple and afghan cookies - let's do this every Sunday!