new stockist: Fannyz

As we're starting to roll down the home stretch toward Christmas, Pocket Carnival's going to be appearing in a few new shops around town (hopefully near you!)

The newest is gorgeous Fannyz Jakaan, on Chapel Street in Windsor.

Fannyz is full of their own label of fun & pretty clothes, as well as accessories from local designers - they also have a gallery of artwork!

And, it's opposite Lucky Coq - you can have a $4 pizza for lunch, and save your pennies to buy pretty things instead. Sounds like a plan, man.

Fannyz Jakaan
Shop 4, 174 Chapel Street
Windsor, VIC 3181
p: (03) 9525 1894

going somewhere?

Today I spent way too long in the op shops near my house looking for a little tiny suitcase. But I'm not going on a holiday... I just haven't been 100% happy with my market display for all my purses & little things, so I was doing some research online and found this pic (courtesy of Mathilda's Market!)

So I thought, a suitcase! Fabulous! What a wonderful way to display my purses. But suitcases are actually very big, so instead I found a backgammon set. It's missing many of the pieces and was very grubby inside (it looked as if someone had been using it as a lunch-box, ick) so I didn't feel too bad about de-backgammoning it.

I also couldn't resist this wooden bangle... even op shops know to keep the impulse buy goodies on the counter.

So, come Sunday, look out for purses like these displayed in a gorgeous case at Rose Street market!

(Or, if you can't make it, check out my purses on Etsy, or on Madeit).


Thank you so so much for everyone who entered my giveaway and left such lovely & helpful feedback about my cards. The overwhelming majority of you wanted every day cards to give to people 'just because'...

So this is the first of these new cards!

And, the winners... Congrats to Anna from MuchLove, Del from DeliciousDesignz and Jacquie from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree - I picked you three with the help of - lovely card packs winging their way to you!

And if you didn't win... you can still take a peek at them in my Etsy shop.

Hurrah! x Penny

it's starting to feel like spring!

The plum tree in my backyard has lots of flower buds on it... they're all just starting to flower. Hopefully this means we'll get lots of yummy plums this year!

Cups of tea & chocolate.

And, badges are not so related to spring, but I've listed some on Etsy! I'm pretty happy with my packaging, it's made of 100% post consumer recycled card, and fabric scraps that were too small to make into anything, but perfect for this!

i went out for lunch...

And came back with:

Badges! I made these little ones at Sticky - my favourite is the little tiny bear one, you can be sure to see more soon! It took me so long to get them just right & printed up... I was a little bit late for lunch, but my friends were too so it's all okay!

I just need to figure out packaging, then I can add some to my shop.

The latest Mixtape! I think this is my favourite issue yet! You can buy your own copy here.

And a little bit of Little Red Riding Hood fabric... pretty!

a question and a giveaway

Cheer up, kittens! It's time for a giveaway!

I've been a little busy lately, creating some greeting cards. I have wanted to make Pocket Carnival cards for awhile... and now I have! I've just added the first batch to my shop.

The giveaway part.

All you have to do is leave a comment, letting me know what on what occasion you would like to give a Pocket Carnival card - birthdays? Christmas? another occasion? Or would you prefer non-specific cards to give any time.

I've got 3 card packs to give away, and I'll randomly select the winners.

The giveaway is open until Thursday 20th August, so get your creative juices flowing, people!

(Just don't leave your comment anonymously, otherwise I can't let you know if you win. And 1 entry per person, please!)

a pencilcase kind of day

Today is a pencil case kind of day, I think! I finished up these little cuties yesterday (after a lovely morning of hot chocolate drinking goodness with Emma!) - today I've added a few to my little Etsy shop. Most of the rest will be attending Rose Street with me tomorrow (and most likely every Sunday, until sold!)

Two new illustrated pencil cases - I'm loving the monkey dreaming of bananas!

And some pretty fabric ones - these are nice and soft with an added layer of cotton canvas - you could, like, totally use them as sunglasses cases or makeup bags should you wish!

Happy weekend!

hurrah for nook shop

I'm so excited to be stocked in Queensland's very newest crafty handmade shop; Nook. It only opened last Saturday, and I'm very jealous of every one who lives close enough to visit!

It looks gorgeous, yes? I love the little fawn standing amongst all the beautiful jewellery!

It's stocked full of lots of my favourite labels (including lovely Able&Game!)

If you do drop in, please say a big 'hello!' to lovely Michelle, the owner!

You can also drop by the Nook Blog for more!

today i...

...went for breakfast with my lovely friend Simon. We then went book shop browsing and op shopping, and found...

the most amazing chest! I'm going to polish it up and use it for my sewing supplies, to replace my slightly tatty looking cardboard gift boxes.

...went for lunch with Chris at Fo Guang Yuan, a super lovely vegetarian restaurant and Buddhist Centre in the city. Yum! Obviously I had rather a life of leisure this morning!

...finished up some more clutches. These are the bits halfway through making...

These are the ones I've just listed in my Etsy shop.

...started a little pile of pencil cases... I've almost run out and need to make some more to take to Rose Street Market on Sunday!

...and finally, today I also drew some little more calico bits for purses. I usually take some along in my bag, so when I'm on the train, waiting for people, watching dvds, drinking coffee etc I've got something to do. It's a really bad habit to get into, but it's very productive!

all mine

Hurrah! I've been having some super fabulous mailbox love lately... the best!

All for me!

I won! this fabulous appliqued hair pin from lovely Kim of Golden Dove Design. If you're lucky, you might be able to nab one from her Etsy shop!

I bought these handy jotters from Kirsten of Paper by Forget-me-not on Etsy... they're fab! Made of card & recycled paper, they're little enough to carry in one of my clutch purses, and stop me from losing everything I write on scraps of paper!!

Gorgeous lemony resin bangle from Bobishi - thanks Alanna! Love it!

Gorgeous hair pins from Mich of MichVanetta on Etsy... so cute! They're made from vintage buttons, yay!

And finally, I made this little clutch and decided to keep it for myself. When I look at it I remind myself to act professionally, and with love. Seriously. Aww!

the kitten portraits

Hooray! I'm in an exhibition! Opens this Friday, if you're around, come and say hello!

Shitty Kitten and Kitten & the Cupcake have been all framed up and are ready for action.

As you can see there are lots of amazing artists who're in this exhibition, including Emma!

the giant bunny

So much to tell you! I'll start with the giant bunny my dad helped me make! He cut it out of wood on his big fancy saw, then I painted it all up...

The morning of my first Rose Street Market... waiting by my front door.

At the market! It was super windy most of the day so I didn't have a chance to take many photos... this is part of my stall. Bunny! My stall was next to lovely Susan from SpinSpin - she makes gorgeous printed tea towels, journals and GORGEOUS stuffed elephants!

Yesterday was the first ever day that Rose Street was open on a Sunday - it was a little up & down - hopefully next Sunday I'll be settled into a permanent stall there, where I'll be every Sunday for the next few months! Rose Street is, of course, still open on Saturdays as well.

Wee little bit of my stall - cute!