It's getting cold

Had a nice long weekend, made myself this little ipod pouch in all lovely fabric scraps.

Also watched Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away, both by Hayao Miyazaki. Beautiful films... I definitely preferred Howl's, maybe it tied in more to my homebody-ness, the idea of a moving castle one really only needs to leave every so often. The characters are so cute, especially the Billy Crystal fire.

I can see lightning out my window - it's finally starting to feel like Autumn. I miss the hot weather already! My favourite thing about cold weather is the clothes, but an infatuation with fashion can't really go far with my little budget!

Please turn it down...

I swear, not 30 seconds after my last post my dodgy neighbour turned the awful techno music with boring base beat up. Do I have to say please?

And my hahaha funnies I-can't-believe-she-admitted-this for the week - Sally from Georgielove is now an Avon Lady. (It's #2 on the list). Ding dong!


New - available at my Dawanda store - deer coinpurse. Oh deer!

And also, to my neighbour with the loud & boring techno beat blaring away - please turn it off. Thankyou kindly, Penny.

30 metres of calico

New printed coinpurses! The printing...

The purse!...

I think I like it.

It's so hot. Who decides to open a wholesale account and buy lots of fabric at their local fabric store and subsequently have to carry it home in 40 degree weather today? Me. In case you were wondering. I bought a 30m roll of double width calico and a bunch of wool fabric (to get ready for Winter - hah!) but then I had to carry it home. I don't live too far, but it was the most ridiclous idea to not drive. Honestly.

Am I a lady?

New lady clutches - I think I'm becoming a lady!

'Adventurer' is available at Dawanda.

'Orange Firecracker' is available at Etsy.

I'm so glad I figured out it's a long weekend - I was all set to go to work tomorrow. Have been on a tote-making bender instead. Excellent.

3 things...

1 - My mum came over and gave me this gorgeous little purple glazed ceramic jug, as she'd been reading my blog and in some far back post I'd written I liked presents, so she gave me one. Lovely, no?

2 - New totes, finally! Will list them in my store soon.

3 - I know I keep banging on about it, but I really love my ipod. I have a bit of a clunky sounding sewing machine which I really can't hear anything over the top of, but now I just stick in my ipod and go for it, otherwise I get a bit bored. I think I should claim it as a business expense. I'm finding M.I.A. is awesome sewing music at the moment!

Look what I just bought...

From Catherine Campbell - My Folk Lover. It's a set of 4 little prints. Lovely!
And I'm sitting at work, eating a friand and drinking a soy latte. It's all good, especially as it's a chocolate & macadamia friand.