new sugarbabies

Sugarboy the First - original acrylic on canvas.
Lovely sugarboy, it reminds me of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (one of my favourite movies, the Johnny Depp version), or perhaps the Land of Goodies in The Magic Faraway Tree.

what i'm looking forward to...

Firstly this...

Yes, it's Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Excellent. I do hope it's better than the 2nd one, that's for sure. More Johnny & Orlando, less creepy looking men with barnacles on their faces.

Another thing I think is hilarious is this, from Annalaura:

It's a felt badge from Annalaura, as seen here on her blog. I love this badge, really.

baby chicks & tv dependency

A chick in the hand - original watercolor.
I love this... gorgeous baby chicks and happy little girls on farms. Available in my store as an original watercolour & ink illustration. I'm really loving my watercolour at the moment, but I do have some new paintings soon in acrylic paint also.

On another note, I decided to put my tv in the laundry again. I had it in the laundry and then chucked it out not last summer but the one before, the summer between 2005 & 2006. That was excellent, one night I just did it, and it's so excellent not having one. You have all this time. Time to do things that aren't just sitting there watching. But then my boyfriends family bought us a new one (bless...) and now we have one.

But remembering this time, I did it again yesterday, moved the tv. This is the tv...

(This is where it is in the laundry anyway...) And this is how it looks now, in my loungeroom in the late afternoon...

It's lovely. I can sit there and look out the window and drink tea and listen to music. At least this is what it's meant to be... last night I really wanted to watch tv. There were all these shows on. I nearly broke, I nearly got it back. But I didn't and I really think it's just a one day hump.

So I encourage you all to put your tv in the laundry, or your wardrobe, or the bottom of the kitchen cupboard with the onions, or wherever you like.


Mermaid - original acrylic on canvas.
I love this little mermaid, she took me a little while as her face needed to be lovely and smooth. She's a doll (and she's here).

The Mer-boy - original watercolour.
This is my favourite new watercolour, who wouldn't love to cuddle a sleeping goldfish?

I'm really very into painting lately, much to the neglect of my felt purses and little things. Some soon, sigh for the lack of time a full time job creates!