The Peril of Magnificent Love

I bought this book for a friends birthday - The Peril of Magnificent Love - it is the most gorgeous, sweet little book I've seen, ever. It's mostly pictures, but it is the kind of picture book you wish you were given to read when you were little and the kind you promise yourself to read to your kids.

I hope my friend likes it, I am buying myself one too. Even the name of the author, Emma Magenta, is lovely.

The drawings in it are lovely and fragile looking, and the words take you on a journey through love, and the way we sometimes fall into it. (Oh and the girl in it falls in love with a three-eared rabbit-boy).

giraffes with bird on their noses.

Been having a bit of a sewing day, in between sprinkling parsley seeds in my garden and packaging up some orders (yes!). These little handbags are newest for my etsy store. One of them is a custom order, but you can buy the other one here. I love the little giraffes, and I had the purple felt sitting there and thought that would make a gorgeous handbag. I always want to keep the things I make but then I'd have too many bags.

I have some totes and coinpurses on the way soon, also.

What else - I bought 100 zippers for a bargain price the other day, so that is fun. Awhile ago I got 1 inch zippers, about 12 of them, I really have no idea what to do with them. If you do, let me know and I will make it.

the green frog

I'm excited, because I have spent ages (like weeks, at least) trying to figure out a frog, and finally I have! The green frog's first venture is on a tote - next hopefully a handbag. I'm very pleased with it though.

Elsewhere - working on a new cauliflower salad recipe, to cure my cauliflower aversion. Hope it works!

You can get the green frog here, in my etsy store (along with the drunk rabbit and bulbous bear totes). Happy almost weekend!