Felt me round...

This is a pretty scarf I made out of felt. Or rather, I felted it from sheepswool. Isn't it nice? It looks better when you wear it. I took photos of myself wearing it, but realised you could see up my nostrils, so I got all self conscious and deleted it. This will have to do.

Anyway, happy Friday! Have a nice weekend! Mwah xo.

More new stuff

Little photo to share: This is a stack of new felt I've made in the last little while, drying in front of the heater (Melbourne is so WET and COLD right now). To be made into bags.

Love, from:

What's new for Cinnamon Moon

So, this is what's new at Cinnamon Moon. There were (and still are) Dachshunds. There are now bees, carrots and monsters (one and two). All on your very own piece of clothing. So far they just belong to tops, but soon there will be skirts too. I found a couple of really lovely skirts in op shops, buying new skirts at reasonable prices is all but impossible, especially given that my favourite FairWear supplier Qualitops doesn't stock them. (See below for Qualitops info). As usual, you can get these funky items at my etsy store.

Coming soon to Cinnamon Moon... more monsters (raargh), little boys and girls with devilish ways, owls, monkeys and my little ponies. Lovely. And possibly seahorses if I can get them to not look like a wierd giraffe/clownfish hybrid.

I've also been working on some new jewellery designs. I have a couple of lovely felt scarves in the works, and hopefully soon there will be some pretty tote bags. I'm pretty rapt with the clothes at the moment though. I did a big (for me) shop at Qualitops and bought 30 tops... need to do some serious op-shopping though because I prefer, by far, the pleasure of beautiful vintage clothing (and adding my own little touches!)

On this note, Qualitops is the most awesome t-shirt supplier, because they are FairWear accredited. This means they don't make their clothes in a sweatshop (yippee!). Nor do they pay outworkers very badly. Their workers are all paid an award wage, and they are one of the very few clothing manufacturers in Australia who do. Available now at http://qualitops.com.au/ . Yay!

Dachshund for me...

Is this not the cutest top? I made it to sell at my store,

I couldn't bear to part with it, so it's mine. There will be more in my store, there's a short sleeved one there now.


Unrelated, was doing some cleaning, found all kinds of interesting stuff. You know when you read a diary you write about 10 years ago, or whenever high school was, and you just want to really not remember how dumb and immature you were?

burning down the house

So tonight I made a dhal for dinner, you know. And I thought mmm I would like some pappadums. So I looked on the packet and it said I could fry them or grill them. I have never grilled them before so it seemed like a worthwhile thing to do. So I turned on the griller, and stuck em in. They set on fire! Yes, on FIRE! So I did a girly scream and my boyfriend came in and pulled out the griller tray and tipped them in the sink.

The moral of this story: pappadums are a lot more flammable than, say, polenta or pita bread.

I did it!

So, I'm excited. Look what I made...


It's my art store! I sell felt bags, jewelry, art, etc. Or hopefully I will sell them, when someone buys them. Yay!

This is my favourite, a felt necklace. I love it! I don't want to sell it! But you know what they say, if you love it you'll set it free or something.

what to do...

Still no sign of a job... anything that pays me money anyway. So I think I may become a bag maker and sell my wares on http://etsy.com

Cool huh?