The nut from donut.

My dad was working yesterday, stocktake madness apparently. A colleague had promised, with many fingers, to get famed Krispy Kreme donuts to bring for breakfast, seeing as how they were working on a Saturday. On turning up with homebrand donuts, said colleague had to explain that the reason he could not bring the donuts of the Krispy Kreme was because there was a two and a half hour waiting time for donuts. And when you got to the counter, you could buy no more than 6, count them 1 2 3 4 5 6, donuts. Not very many. Who waits 2.5 hours for 6 donuts? I do not know.

I must explain that this is the first Krispy Kreme to be opened in this state, but 2.5 hours? Gosh.

Incidentally, you can view a friend's funny website here: It is all about donuts. He's a man on a mission, I suppose. Gosh. If you have eaten a donut lately you can post a review, and he will appreciate it very much.