buy me at corky!

You can now buy these things at Corky Saint Clair. Just head over to Flinders St Station, go down the stairs, and there's an arcade with shops. That's where Corky is. There's also a stairway on Degraves St.

There are keychains, badges, blank journals, coinpurses, pouches and handbags for sale, made by yours truly. As always, if you have any questions or want me to make you something similar e-mail me at cinnamonmoonart [at]

new things

these are the new things i've been making lately. you can probably buy them in my shop which looks different and nicer. Or e-mail me: cinnamonmoonart [at]

there are bags and purses and books and stuff.

also generally i just finished reading high fidelity by nick hornby which i actually quite enjoyed. i wish i was *more* british.

- penny

Nice bag?

This is a lovely bag I made. It's a knitting bag - there are two different sized pouches on the fron for needles, and on the inside there's another pouch for scissors and the like. It's big enough for a large knitting project like a jumper. Yay! It's made of felt I made myself, and lovely linen print.

I also made lots of lovely badges soon that I will add to my etsy store over the next week or so.